No Matter What, APH

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Kikki Writ By Writing4kixangiggles Updated 3 years ago
Spain and Romano make a promise, but Romano is still worried about being to much of a burden.  But thinking so only made things to appear worse then they really were. COMMENT/VOTE/CRITIQUE/SUGGEST/ENJOY!!!!
The small Romano suddenly stops to contemplate his life in the middle of Spain's backyard
Awesome! I'm happy that you made it so detailed and adorable, but I feel bad about Spain leaving Roma-chan. *sniff* Oh well. GREAT chapter! Thanks for the dedication ^^
@Kayla_J_Jones Um, maybe they could go out to a store and Romano convinces Spain to buy like 50 tomatoes XD and maybe make Spain go away for two or three days and when he comes back, Roma-chan gives him, like, a paper with them on a giant tomato on it ^^ idk, just some ideas.
That was so kewt~ :3 as what @cstaron asked below, is this to be continued?
                                    This was totally awesome, dude, and I hope it goes on~