Killjoys by Day, Black Paraders by Night

Killjoys by Day, Black Paraders by Night

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Em By EmberWolf Updated Sep 03, 2015

Name: Ember Shade
Black Parade identity: Misery
Killjoy Name: Doomed Moon
Age: 19
Black Parade Look: Straight black hair just past her shoulders. Coal black eyes. Black parade uniform.
Killjoy Look: Same eyes and hair with streaks of red in her hair. Wears a red shirt with Kill written on it and a black leather jacket with white and red paint splatters on it. 


Name: Alyx Shade
Black Parade Identity: Hate
Killjoy Name: Cloudy California
Age: 19
Black Parade Look: Dark Brown hair with brown eyes so dark they look blackish. Black Parade Uniform.
Killjoy Look: Light brown hair with blonde highlights. Pink hoodie with a purple and red shirt.

Name: Gerard Way
Black Parade Identity: Death
Killjoy Name: Party Poison
Age: 20
Black Parade Look: Short snowy white hair. Hazel eyes. Black Parade uniform
Killjoy Look: like he did in NaNaNa and SIng

Name: Frank Iero
Black Parade Identity: Insanity
Killjoy Name: Fun Ghoul
Age: 20
Black Parade Look: Short black hair, hazel eyes. Black Parade unif...

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