The Wicked Ones

The Wicked Ones

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Violet By HiddenRanger202 Updated Jun 22

Book Three of 'The Herobrine Quest' series:

Shadow's rebellion is in pieces. The men who were under his command have fallen to Notch's soldiers. He's lost everything - his army, his friends, and his hope.

Toxic is the only member of the Hero Squad left in the Overworld after her friends were sent to another dimension, and the portal, the only way to get them back, was broken by the Ender Lord. Now she must see what the Ender Lord plans to do - and find a way to stop him. Alone.

The Hero Squad, an elite team of warriors formerly under the command of Notch, recent allies of the rebels, have been sent to a strange world where nothing is the same as what they knew. Stuck as strangers in an unfamiliar place, they need to figure out how to get home from there before there's no home left to return to.

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