Between Shadows (Shadows Saga bk2)

Between Shadows (Shadows Saga bk2)

115K Reads 10.4K Votes 27 Part Story
Lindsey Lippincott (Linna) By Linna1029 Completed

DO NOT READ UNLESS you have read Shadow's Edge.   

Description contains spoilers.    

Seriously... Go back and read Shadow's Edge first...    

I mean it.    

Mara and her friends have returned for another year at Shadow's Edge, only some things have changed. Mara is now the witch representative on the High Council, and she has learned that her friend Marx is actually her mate. But after the betrayal from Zander, Mara still has issues letting Marx in.     

Mara has spent the past summer with Trixle and her family in the Fae Kingdom, and in that time she has learned more about the Magical Realm than she ever thought possible, and her powers have grown significantly. Things for Mara Crowland are definitely starting to look up. That is until they start to slide back down.    

The High Council has learned of a threat to the organization as well as the rest of their world. Will Mara be able to help the Council in ridding their world of the threat, or will the Council fall and ultimately bring on the destruction of the Magical Realm?        

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SS3xy_Ch3rry_3 SS3xy_Ch3rry_3 Sep 01, 2016
Marx sr made me mad how can uou offer her something then change you mind
Monimonisha Monimonisha Oct 25, 2015
I thought Mara should be delighted... And I expected some what this end..BT never realising. Council talking at her back this way!!
glendareads glendareads Jul 03, 2015
just finished bk 1. love how you start where you left off. sometimes our young are better leaders
Brenda2020atdance Brenda2020atdance Jan 20, 2015
I went from the first book to the second cant wait to see what will happen
StarfabulousKold StarfabulousKold Dec 23, 2014
hm, interesting that Marx's dad is the one who doesn't agree. Very interesting.
SarahBensonBooks SarahBensonBooks Oct 28, 2014
Intriguing opener! Sounds like Makortax has some serious doubts about Mara's abilities. That might complicate things if he finds out his son is crushing on Mara. These revelations about Urissa are also very interesting. Can't wait to read more.