Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death

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lizhunt3r By lizhunt3r Updated Mar 08, 2011

In the kingdom of Sandra, one of the Great Kingdoms of the west, female knights are an uncommon sight, but they are admitted. Certainly not approved of, but admitted. Jana is one of three. And she's not even a real knight yet.

 On the eve of her knighthood ceremony, tragedy strikes the kingdom, shattering the eons of peace in one single night. Suddenly finding herself in the middle of a war march, Jana is whisked away to the kingdom of Tanedra. There, on unfamiliar soil and far from her home, she will discover something that will make the threat of war look timid in comparison. Something that has been foretold of since the Great Wars. 

And she is at the very center of it.

  • death
  • knights
  • life
  • prophecy
help-me-think-of-one help-me-think-of-one May 08, 2011
Oooh, I love the plot line. ;)
                              Just be careful when it comes to spacing out your paragraphs. When a story looks bulky and cramped together, a reader will be less likely to read it. But other than that, I'm sure you'll do an incredible job with this! :D