The Hunger Games Peeta's POV (ON HOLD)

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Jessie By realornotreal Updated 4 years ago
This idea was influenced by Suzanne Collins book The Hunger Games. All of these ideas are hers and I am in no way trying to pass her ideas as my own.
I have to say it but the book ISN'T in the point of view of Katniss. It's actually 3rd POV  with a outside narrator. It seems like Katniss's POV but its not.
wow! that was amazing really! "so laugh away" lol! haymitch ir just disgusting! love ur work! peeta is so cute..thnx 4 this awesome story!:)
Wow! This is great! I don't know how Peeta was thinking, cause the books are in Katniss's POV and that's really really good! (you have it ON HOLD though):( Anyway, voted and I love it!;)
@realornotreal Yours of course :D You're gifted, I swear o_o I would never have the patience to write a different POV of an actual story.
Holy crap this is a hell of a good story! Time to fan you <3