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My Brother And I Got Rejected

My Brother And I Got Rejected

90.5K Reads 3.1K Votes 17 Part Story
Lozano (◕‿◕✿) By lozano_bear Completed

It wasn't easy being left as orphanges on your 11 birthday. Since that day Elena been beaten everyday to remind her what she done. The only was she kept her sanity is her brother, Johnathan, her big brother and her best friend. Who always stood at her side. Once she found out her mate is the soon to be Alpha, Derek, of course rejecting her in front of the whole school. 
  That was the last straw for Elena, with the help of her brother Johnathan who was rejected by his mate as well. Both run away from the abusive pack, to a greater one. 
  This book was my very first Wattpad book to ever write. So don't be as shock, how it is. I'll try to edit in the near future, so until then, ENJOY THE BOOK, CUTIES &lt  <3

Vita_Song Vita_Song May 29
Are you racists?! I don't appreciate people being racists. White people have put Black and every other race through hell.
DesARayOfSunshine DesARayOfSunshine Sep 22, 2014
This is actually a really good story and I'm not being mean it's just that the grammar is borderline terrible. It would be amazing if it wasn't so hard to read.
Life2read4ever Life2read4ever Aug 25, 2014
They survived all the beatings and abuse so they can survive becoming rouges as well. You must be very dumb to abuse your own brother and sister because your parents where killed will fighting of rouges and protecting their kids!