Far From Perfect

Far From Perfect

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Angelica Velazquez By AngelicaGabriela1991 Updated Jul 07, 2015

Alexa is a curvaceous twenty-three year old who can't see past her flaws and imperfections. She's so adamant that she's anything but beautiful that she refuses to believe anyone who compliments her, and she goes about life like that, hating her self and everything she is and believes deep down that she'll never find someone who can love her for who she is. But that all changes when her handsome new neighbor moves in next door. 

Nate is a dreamboat and everything Alexa could ever want in a man, but he's also out of her league. At least she believes so until he makes it clear as day that he wants her just as much as she wants him, but not even that is enough to keep Alexa from doubting herself, because no matter how much she wants him she doesn’t feel that she’s good enough for him and denies herself the opportunity to love wholeheartedly. But Nate is not one to give up and makes it his mission to show Alexa just how beautiful she is inside and out, and in the process teaches her one of the greatest lessons in life, self-love. 

Will this much-needed lesson of self-love be enough for Alexa to allow herself the opportunity to love Nate or will she push him away before he can get through to her?

chocolate_love1 chocolate_love1 Jul 20, 2016
It feels like story of my life.... and even though I have my share of insecurities, I try not to let them rule my life and many days I am successful. So yay!!!
CynthiaBurgos4 CynthiaBurgos4 Sep 27, 2016
I never had a first boyfriend, nor a first kiss, and never had a kid.
JennyChey JennyChey Jun 06, 2016
I can feel about the first kiss, I have had a first boyfriend though, if you can call it that
GiaDureja GiaDureja Jul 29, 2016
@LordCreepichi exactly the same situation. Glad to know I am not alone. My friends say the same thing. I look like I am angry all the time, but the thing I am just too insecure, and as a consequence shy. Gives off the wrong vibe I guess.
CrazyNinjaSkills CrazyNinjaSkills Apr 29, 2016
I relate to this, like 200%! When i like boys, boys don't like me, single for eternity!
punkin842 punkin842 Apr 15, 2016
Hey hey its your personality that makes the person beautiful not whats on the outside but whats on the inside