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The Son of Hera

The Son of Hera

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MichaelPeleshaty By MichaelPeleshaty Updated Jun 03, 2015

He has loyally fought for Olympus for close to seven years. 

He was the savior of both the Greek and Roman demigods. 

His name was feared by his enemies and admired by his allies. 

He led the Greek demigods to victory against Kronos. 

He led the Roman half-bloods to victory against Polobytes. 

He led the Greek and Roman hybrid army to victory against Gaea at a terrible price. 

He lost the love of his life.

When he was offered godhood for the second time he declined. 

He goes home to find that his mother was killed along with her fiance Paul. 

After he goes missing for ten long years he reappears, come back a changed man. 

He is Perseus son of Hera. 

Why would he wish to be partially immortal just after the death of Annabeth? 
                              Wouldn't he eventually want to join her in Elysium ?
Writer_of_Death Writer_of_Death Jun 10, 2016
The cover made me laugh soooo much because I thought it was Percy's head glued on a woman's body with a peacock behind them...... Idk wats wrong with me XD.....
Whoviandemigod97 Whoviandemigod97 Mar 10, 2016
i just remembered that i read this book already but ill reread it again!!!
pinkbunny20 pinkbunny20 Feb 13
Really? Hera has to apologize even though Zeus cheated on her so many times
PJOfanboy18 PJOfanboy18 Nov 25, 2015
Even though he is a jerk,I feel bad for triton.And Tyson who built most of Percy's weapons.
PJOfanboy18 PJOfanboy18 Nov 25, 2015
Wtf?!Both Jason and Piper took the chance to be a Olympian and he doesn't even give it a second thought!