the long way home [ h.s. ]

the long way home [ h.s. ]

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Sophie By Elizabeth_xx_ Completed

His eyes could ruin someone with a single look. 

Her smile could cure the loneliest heart. 


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turmoils turmoils Mar 02, 2016
i'm constantly in awe of your writing !! u deserve so many more reads 💌
Awkward1881 Awkward1881 Mar 20, 2016
*tries to get ready to have my heart ripped out of my chest*
nightingaleluke nightingaleluke Jun 15, 2016
hey, you! that's my heart, i need that back. what, no? it's going to continue to be ripped out throughout this book you say? okay, you keep it.
harryisbetter harryisbetter Jun 20, 2016
I'm so amazed by your writing it's so electric and captivating ohmygod
tacomichael tacomichael Jun 02, 2014
can't wait for this one! you're such a great writer, i'm excited!! :)
bowtiesandstars_ bowtiesandstars_ May 05, 2014
Sophie, this already sounds amazing! It's truly beautiful just from the start of it, and I'm so utterly awed by your writing:) I cannot wait to read this and I'm so excited to take this journey with this story and you:) Love you lots! xoxo