Obsessed (ON HOLD UFN)

Obsessed (ON HOLD UFN)

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Thats a secret By AlicynNight Updated Aug 23, 2017

When a girl shows him the only love he's had in his life, an obsession begins.

"Please, please no." she whimpered, horror-struck when he came near. He looked at the knife fondly, then at her. "My beautiful Evelyn, you have hurt me. I have punished myself already for hurting you, now it's time for yours." She tried to run, but he was faster, he grabbed her tender arm and threw her onto the bed, leaning over her. "No please no!" she begged, tears fell down her face silently as she sobbed. He set the knife down and sat on her; he grabbed her hands roughly and pulled them over her head. He grabbed the knife and set it at her wrists. "Honestly love I don't want to do this but you misbehaved and I just can't let you get away with that." A piercing pain hit her wrists, as the metallic frame became tainted with her crimson blossoms. She screamed out in pain, he only muted her with his lips. He slit her wrists again and again; the blood seeping into the blankets, her cries became louder. "Tell me you love me!" he yelled. "Tell me and I'll stop!"

Alicyn Night (A.Horton)
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  • horror
  • obsession
  • psycho
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  • stalker
The_Chiara_Sullivan The_Chiara_Sullivan Mar 21, 2017
The wording is a bit confusing.  Hard to tell who's speaking sometimes
BlueMoonripple BlueMoonripple Dec 01, 2017
"That's right suffer!!" loool I love the personality of this writer. <3
FroggyGirl28 FroggyGirl28 Apr 30, 2016
Wow wow wow it seems so interesting! I'm sure I'll like it 😁
kategotyourtongue kategotyourtongue Jul 27, 2016
Thats too deep when answering questions abt hair, dont ya think? 😂
Little_Kimichan Little_Kimichan Jun 12, 2016
                              I think I'll pull an all nighter since school starts tomorrow here😢
00Marionette00 00Marionette00 Dec 05, 2015
Really wattpad??? How the hêlł is that offensive!? Füćk u wattpad! 🖕🏻😑🖕🏻