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ElspethGordie By ElspethGordie Completed

Cate, broken and hurting, has escaped to Phoenix to live with her father and start anew. Lakebay at one time was her home and safe haven. She lead a simple yet privileged life. She had a best friend and dated the star athlete. She thought she was in love, until so many things went wrong. Now she is trying to survive in the aftermath and live a semi-normal life. But she is hiding so many secrets. How long until Cate's past catches up with her?         

And Will, the boy whose gaze can see past her masks, past the hurt to who she really is, somehow, mysteriously is the only male who can touch her without forcing her mind to experience that night yet again. Will he ever learn the truth about her past and her future?

Chimellee Chimellee Mar 28
Okay this story I really amazing and all but I'm still realizing that not all walmarts have aisle dedicated to cake
Chimellee Chimellee Mar 28
Wait for reals?! I live in phx and that's totally normal for me I couldn't imagine a Walmart without five different lucky charms to choose from
HeyoitsMeow HeyoitsMeow Apr 06
I literally just finished this book like 2 minutes ago and i'm starting it again😂
lady_eli lady_eli May 27
Uh huh she's pregnant alright. At least that is my suspicion cause I saw the tag earlier
XxQueenSabzxX XxQueenSabzxX 3 days ago
I've been craving for food and something to drink but I'm fasting ˋ︿ˊ
Teaurus Teaurus 3 days ago
                              YASSS IVE BEEN LOOKIG FOR A GOOD BOOK 
                              MY TUMMY IS DOING SOMERSAULTS 
                              oh sorry caps