My Step Brother A Player? (ON HOLD)

My Step Brother A Player? (ON HOLD)

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Kaeli By Heart_and_Soul727 Updated Oct 03

When Alexis Parker's mom marries her new boyfriend, what more could go wrong? well she gets three new siblings. And one of them is the schools player. 

She is the only girl he hasn't banged and it makes him furious. She hates him and doesn't care how hard he tries. But when they start getting to know each other, he starts to get feelings and she starts falling. They know it's wrong because,

1. He is a player, popular, and every girl wants him while she is normal. 

2. They both have secrets that have changed their lives. 

3. They are both scared to fall. And,

4. They are step siblings which makes it technically illegal. 

What will happen if they do fall? What happens if their parents and friends find out? Will they find out? How about you find out in My Step Brother A Player?

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no actually is really not because they arnt blood related at all and yeah being together when the parents are married is weird but it's not illegal. just saying not trying to be mean or anything.
Racer_3048 Racer_3048 Jun 02
Oh she must have been adopted when she 4 then right or did u put 13 by mistake
entisare entisare Jul 16
Let that be me
                              My mother dearest wouldn't let me live to see tomorrow😂
caroline_gourle caroline_gourle Mar 22, 2015
It's not illegal to be with ur step-brother lol only ur brother