Our Sin • Meliodas x Reader

Our Sin • Meliodas x Reader

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• | FateGoddess | • By FateGoddess Updated May 20

After (Y/n) had a touching reunion with her friends, (Y/n) and her Dragon Partner- Illuminate, or also known as lumi, join the seven deadly sins on their adventures.

Little did you know, there was a ever looming darkness that hid itself in the shadows, and so, your life was going to be forever changed from this point forward with your friends, and possibly... Lover?


Alrighto', hello any possible new readers! I welcome to you to this fanfiction, but I come with a warning, the first few chapters writing isn't great, whereas as you read on the writing becomes better, so, I apologise in advance, for your information, once I've completed this fanfiction completely, I will go over and rewrite the whole thing, as that's really what's needed, anywho, hope you enjoy~! Bye!

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