Forever, You are Young- BTS Adopted // Book 1 [COMPLETED & EDITING]

Forever, You are Young- BTS Adopted // Book 1 [COMPLETED & EDITING]

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"Sujin's real father wanted her back, so he just... took her," Jimin cried.

"We'll get our sister back. She's ours now."

Sujin was 13 when it all started.  She didn't think about getting adopted until seven kind, young boys under the band name BTS walked into the orphanage and decided to take her in as their own.

But, Sujin's father wants to take her back from her new family, so that he can repeat the abusive actions that made Sujin and her mother leave him the first time. Even though the members try, they can't always save Sujin from him, or the traumatic memories.

More problems continue to arise. There's a fan scandal involving Sujin, the boys aren't getting along well, and the mental problems Sujin never suspected she had start to take their toll.   

Through all of this, who will go to for the help she never knew she needed? 

COMPLETED AS OF: November 28th, 2019

I am currently working on a BOOK TWO of this series! It's going to be just as good as this one, but probably a lot better as well! Be sure to follow me here to get updated information. BUT, I won't start publishing that book until after I give @nonexsisantpotato a chance to publish her book that's a side-story to this one! It follows the story of one of the side-characters that is later introduced into the book!

I do not own Bangtan Sonyeondan, BigHit Ent or anything. This is a ff for entertainment purposes only with my original ideas. Not intended to be based on real life or actual events.

Warning:  I didn't want to label my book as mature, but it WILL mention subjects such as anorexia, abuse, and symptoms of PTSD.

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Best Rank: #67 out of 8.78k in Korea