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The Nygev-Ash Wormhole Stabilization Matrix.

Undeniably the most influential discovery in recorded history.

With that invention, a man and a woman, on opposite sides of the galaxy, stood prepared to initiate a new era. One of exploration and discovery. A clean slate for humanity, a way to leave behind the scars of the last millennia and start anew. In a new galaxy, in a new universe.

And yet, the golden age of exploration proclaimed by so many never arrived.

It is the year 8456 SC. The galaxy of Paragon is dying, along with the species which inhabit it. Centuries of constant war and continuing tensions have left the realm stripped of natural resources, and the failing economies of Paragon are only supported on the splintered and rebellious back of the third universe and the galaxy of Carok. 

All it will take is another discovery, one so inconceivably powerful as to rewrite the future history for all species in a single hour. The spark which will burn this delicate balance to the ground.

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I like how there are spaceships and dimension hopping but harpoons are still the weapon of choice.