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WillBillHill123 By WillBillHill123 Updated Dec 18, 2018

It is the year 8456 SC. 

Several hundred years since the discovery of the Nygev-Ash. The discovery of alternate universes. An end to the mounting depression that has consumed Paragon for too many years.

And yet the galaxy of Paragon is still on the brink of death. Centuries of constant war and continuing tensions have left the realm stripped of natural resources, and the failing economies of Paragon are only sustained on the splintered and rebellious back of the third universe and the galaxy of Carok- supported by the resources Paragonian war fleets bring back home. Resources that are rightfully Caroki.

All it will take is another discovery, one so inconceivably powerful as to rewrite the future history for all species in a single hour. The spark which will burn this fractured multiverse to the ground.

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SomeSecretPie SomeSecretPie Oct 24, 2018
I like how there are spaceships and dimension hopping but harpoons are still the weapon of choice.