Lips of an Angel

Lips of an Angel

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Jessie! By Jessie_Bear Updated Mar 05, 2011

I never thought we would get out of that Hell hole, and now eight months after I am living with my twin sister, Lilli in a home where the people care about us, not like in that other house, where my dad had control of me...

Lilli and Kaitlyn are 13 year old girls who in the past eight months have moved out of their abusive father's house, into a foster care, and then with a caring married couple. But what happens when they get in trouble..?

This story means a lot to me. It is fiction but there is things that happened in this world like this. Kaitlyn and Lilli were lucky to get out of it...some children in our world aren't so lucky and are still going through things like this right now and they have been since they were little. Just take time to think about time you don't eat all of your food and there are children out there who don't get food maybe once a week or even month. Next time you think you hate someone...think about that there are people in the world who do have people they have the right to hate because of abuse. Just take a minute of your lucky life and think about it...

This is my first short story so please please please tell me what you think if it was a little cheesy or something tell me, I would like to know, hope you like it!!!!

This story I am dedicating to Melissa Alburney for giving me the idea of to try short story. Here you go Lissa!

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kittycat919 kittycat919 Mar 05, 2011
i really liked it. you have my vote :) could u read both of my stories to see if you'd like them? if you like my story, i'd appreciate it if you vote for my story thx