G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddleston

G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddleston

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Unity Wilcox By UnityTheWilcox Updated Oct 28, 2019

Everyone knows these days would come. 

That  our beloved celebrities were to be death threatened not only through via social media, but in real life as well. 

Tom Hiddleston has fallen victim of these threats. 

At first everyone only thought of it as a joke, until he's been sent packages of pictures of him that were taken of him from a far in a creepy way, or threatening letters as well as sending him gruesome objects. 

Tom Hiddleston's agent has become worried so he begins to investigate to get Tom Hiddleston a full time, personal body guard. Since the other men he has hired haven't done a good job apparently. 

Colin Knight was called to duty. 

She has been trained to be a cop and bodyguard by her old man, the chief of police. But when Tom's manager reaches out to the police, officer Knight had a brilliant idea. 

Since Colin has been a full trained police officer, she was easily certified to be a bodyguard. 

She just did not know for who she was going to work for until the paper work and files came in. 

Colin accepted the job, not only to make her old man proud, but to bring Justice to Tom. And to remove the world of another danger. 

As soon as Colin begins to work with Tom, they build a strong, tight connection. They become inseparable , even though that is Colin's job. 

Although, the threats don't stop, they have actually worsened. 

Colin fears she will not be able to protect Tom as well as she should. 

But there is no doubt that Tom IS guarded. and she will do anything in her power and being for him to be safe. 

It is him before her.