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Alexander The Fallen [Book 1] ✔

Alexander The Fallen [Book 1] ✔

21.4K Reads 1.3K Votes 20 Part Story
❄This_Chick❄ By touti2468 Updated Sep 23, 2018

"I will break you like a stick", he said while running his fingers down my arm. 

"Suffocate you till you can no longer breath", his fingers went to caress my throat and I suddenly forgot how to breath. 

"And I will enjoy every second of it", Our eyes connected and my heart pounded against my chest at the promises that were held in his eyes.



Dawn Turner was anything but normal. She's the type to go pick up a pencil she had dropped and then drop it again while picking it up. Clumsy by definition and a huge disney fan, she manages to fall into trouble almost everyday.

However, the day she met a certain fallen angel, she knew that she had gotten herself into BIG trouble. Especially since she managed to hit him across the head...with a pan...three times... Not to mention shrieking, and I quote "DIE BITCH DIE."

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, that's a story for later on.



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