One Direction SickFics

One Direction SickFics

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Angel Graham By Mindless_Girl217 Updated Aug 01, 2015

Harry was never good with migraines. It would start out as a small head ache and then build up to something more. As the pounding in his head would increase he would feel sick to his stopmach. Today was one of those days.

Harry woke up around 8:00am due to his headache. He groaned and looked over at his sleeping girlfriend Jazmine. He layed there quietly hoping that his headache didn't get worse. He got out of bed and went down to the kitchen making himself some breakfast. He turned on the lights and immediately regretted it. This made the headache develop into the migraine he didn't want. He quickly ate his breakfast and walked back up stairs dreading every step. He got back into bed squeezing his eyes shut in pain. He groaned loudly due to the Migraine and woke Jazmine.

"Are you ok baby" she asked concerned

"Yeah...I just have this really bad migraine" I replied 

"Did you take anything for it" she asked playing in his curly locks

"No" he answered 

Jazmine got out of bed walking...

luke_is_my__penguin luke_is_my__penguin Apr 09, 2015
Can u do one were Maddie and Harry and the guys are going to Florida and they r driving and Harry ends up with the stomach flue on the way there and they stop at clinic to get him checked out
Mindless_Girl217 Mindless_Girl217 May 04, 2014
Please like and comment. Anything specific you want me to do. It could be any member of the band One Direction