July Raine

July Raine

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At Sixteen, Melonie fell in love with Rainey when they spent a summer together. They had no hope of ever making their relationship work because they came from two different worlds. It wasn't a typical summer romance, there were no grand gestures, no professions of love, and in the end they made no promises to see one another again. Six weeks later Melonie found out a lot came out of that summer romance, and it may have been more than she bargained for.

For years after that summer, Melonie tried to find Rainey, but she never did. At least not  until six years later,  Suddenly her life was turned upside down again at the same place they had met years before. Six years ago it was supposed to be a summer fling where no promises were made. 
Will Rainey step up the the consequences of that summer, or will he leave once again without a promise of a future? 

Sometimes love wasn't what you thought it was, and maybe the second time around July Raine could change them both.

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shelly__bean shelly__bean Feb 13, 2017
                              I LIVE OUTSIDE OF SLC TOO
                              I ALREADY LIKE THIS STORY
magazine160 magazine160 Feb 02, 2016
Why does she get to be beautiful she looks just like her average dad🤔
louloufritz louloufritz Mar 04, 2013
@Skyaver Awesome I'm glad you like it. Thanks for reading by the way.. This is my labor of love...
- - Mar 02, 2013
I just love your works. I'm just on the first few chapters and I'm already in love with it xD I like the way how you catch the readers' attention c:
Jade_Vera Jade_Vera Jan 25, 2013
Aww I am already in love. Your story so far is beautiful and this prologue was a nice kickoff. Love the name, July Raine. I'm getting a very dark and moody vibe from it and I can't help but to read on :)
louloufritz louloufritz Jan 11, 2013
@chiburple.. haha I love it! I do agree.. I get word stupid... :P