The Avengers and Percy Jackson #2

The Avengers and Percy Jackson #2

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"The forgotten hero. You don't deserve to be remembered."

Everything in my life. Everyone I known. Everyone I've seen. Everyone I've loved. 

Every little brightness of light in my soul turned into a nebulous haze of empty darkness. 

Gone. Forgotten.


Just after defeating a whole army of aliens from outer space, Percy Jackson and his friends thought that things couldn't get any worse. Just wait until they realize how wrong they were. It's not Kronos. It's not Gaea. It's not aliens from outer space. And when Percy goes missing, like he just vanished off the face of the earth, the Avengers and the demigods start freaking out. But everyone has this nagging feeling that something is wrong... 

Something is always wrong.

Robbie-Rotten Robbie-Rotten Oct 29, 2016
Werewolf, depending on whether I have control on when I change and whether I have control over my body when I change
Rosekit617 Rosekit617 Dec 07, 2016
Even doe I don't like annabeth, do not do this mother trucker
DylanMak211 DylanMak211 Nov 26, 2016
I want to see Percy wielding Thor's hammer to see if he is worthy.
AnnabethJackson55 AnnabethJackson55 Dec 27, 2016
..................i....think  i will--.......*runs away to vomit*
Major_Nich Major_Nich Nov 29, 2016
ITS APHRODITE!!! QUICK GET THE LOVE GOD/GODDESS REPELLENT!!! *Sprays a can of fa-breeze in Aphrodite's face*
Robbie-Rotten Robbie-Rotten Oct 29, 2016
This was the second story I read on wattpad and it's still awesome XD