Racing With Everything (Racing #1)

Racing With Everything (Racing #1)

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Book One 

" I need a favor from you" he said and I gulped as he stood up from the desk and walked over to me looking me right in the eye, I walked back a little due to how close he was 

" w-what" I said, I was so afraid right now 

" I need you to be my girlfriend, well rather fake girlfriend Vicky, or I will press charges on you for damaging my car" he said giving me an evil smirk, despite getting my name completely wrong 

I didn't have the money, and I knew there was no other option but to be Reece West fake girlfriend 

Violetta Maxwell has been in love with her childhood best friend Chase Arlington  since the third grade, she had always wanted to tell him but never had the courage to do so especially when Chase was dating her older sister Gwendolyn, so she decides to keep it to herself and watch as the love of her life is with someone else 

Reece West the bad boy and quarterback of North Coast high school, he was rich, hot, and everyone wanted to be his friend or date him, so when his girlfriend cheats on him there's only one solution he has in mind... revenge, and Violetta Maxwells was just the right girl to help him with his plans 

With the two becoming more closer and closer ,Reece has a secret he is so desperately trying to hide from everyone , a secret Violetta knew that could change everything

-This book is edited per chapter, sorry if there are still some grammatical errors , please just ignore them and I'll do a final edit when the book has ended

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Shes friends with her sister when there 2 years apart. My sister is a year and 3 months apart from me but she tried to stab me when i was 8
OMG the disease of being too nice
                              Symptoms: Broken heart, depression, and the perfect fake smile
mt104230 mt104230 Sep 08
This is literally just like to all of the boys I used to love
sauucee_xx sauucee_xx 3 days ago
Why does this remind me of “to all the boys I loved before”?
it would be nice if she found another guy and flipped off chase in the halls when he asked her out.
Being too nice when you're young can cause chronic biterness and snappy attitudes when you're older.
                              *just making fake diagnosis here*