The Diamond Cult

The Diamond Cult

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Pink Princess By pinkpencilcase123 Updated Jun 06

How the organisation works

All of them are the leader of a certain branch under the the organisation, they all work together and although Azra is the 'leader' they don't blindly follow him without discussion.

Rose: Spies in Europe and Africa

Leo: Sharp shooters and Asian spies

Moonlight: Skammers and fake psychics

Jade: Hackers and moles in the government

Diva: Spies in America and Australia and her own business

Angel: Kidnappers and cleaners

Oligarch: Spies and business in former Soviet countries and his own business and work in the government

Golden Pig: Assassins for lower class people and guards

Unknown: Drivers and stalkers

Azra: Business men and overseeing the others

Cerberus: Assassins for bad clients

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