Don't Forget Me ~Stucky/ Cap. America~

Don't Forget Me ~Stucky/ Cap. America~

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Stevie By Captain--Rogers Updated Jul 05, 2015

Steve took a long swig of coffee, looking out the window to across the street. A single, very familiar man stared right at Steve, not moving at all. Long brown hair, tall, strong, serious face and...a metal arm.

Slowly, Steve stood up, leaving his coffee and walked out the door. The man across the street still didn't move as Steve walked to a cross-walk and waited for a red light.

A function switch must have turned on just then because the man with the metal arm started to turn the corner away from Steve. The light turned from green to red and Steve ran towards the corner that the man had just been on. Steve turned the corner and just barely caught a glimpse of his stalker...

It's been four months after the encounter with the Winter Soldier. Four months since he found himself in a hospital bed with Sam next to him. And life in Brooklyn, NY for Steve Rogers has been normal and frankly very quiet.

But what if he meets someone he thought he would never see again? What if there is a chance to regain his best friend and even his memory? There's no way Steve would pass up that chance.

Finding Bucky isn't his only concern either. What if Director Fury came with extreme news? What if Hydra was planning something against S.H.E.I.L.D? Or, even new agents being sent on their first mission?

Maybe Bucky has a chance to start over...Completely

Well, all of that you can find out in Don't Forget Me ~Stucky/ Cap. America~ =D

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maveg5 maveg5 Nov 24, 2016
Don't you forget about me!! 🎤🎤🎧🎼🎬🎬 I'm sorry I had to breakfast club this title.
- - Jul 08, 2015
Just pointing out but it's women instead of woman (because it's plural)
AlyssaDorman AlyssaDorman Mar 15, 2015
Could you please use quotation marks and commas in the proper places? It's really hard for me to read.
Ezziebezzie14 Ezziebezzie14 Dec 05, 2014
This is the first time I've read this. And it's really good!!! Your a really good writer
Captain--Rogers Captain--Rogers May 16, 2014
@itsmerachel1995  thanks a bunch! Will be updating on Sunday and hopefully every weekend after that :)
Captain--Rogers Captain--Rogers May 16, 2014
@gingerjustice12  thank you so much!! I will be updating every weekend (hopefully) from now on! so stay tuned till Sunday!!!!!