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Ya boi Kim Jonghyun By NAMJAMJOONIE Updated Aug 01

(Previously known as 'follow me')

[ Greetings to host. My given/titled name is 'kill all those who defied me' system. now host, your objective is to fulfil- ]

" Stfu this auntie is trying to die.''

[...(゚'Д`゚)゚ ]

fufufu.... this 'system is amusing~ I am going to have much fun scamming him~

system:...(ノ'д`)I... do not think she realizes that I can hear her thoughts..


Kat was an average human. she was no genius, nor was she an 'ex assassin'. She had no special charm that attracts golden thighs, she is not a godly doctor, she also is not a poison user. She is not an orphan, she was not mistreated, not bullied, but rather popular.

She is but a little 13 year old girl who is vertically challenged. a little 13 year old girl who is unnaturally good at scamming and scheming. not only that, she seems to have an endless amount of pickup lines and puns.

" fufufufu~ system~ if you were a chicken~ you'd be impeccable~"

system:... I have a flirty host.

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