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A (Pronounced Haiiiiiii;) By dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR Updated 4 years ago
Maria was born from a rich family. She had everything she ever wanted except her parent's love. They treated her like a puppy, only to be watched over for so long. They neglected her and that action changed her life.
    Her mother neglected her when they went to the playground. That day became the worst day in her life. Why? Because she was raped at the age of 9 that same day by two men.
    The two men are in jail now, but that doesn't help. She will always be scarred.
    Even though Maria is 17 now she still can't get the image of the her screaming for help and the two men laughing, out of her head. Because of that she doesn't live a normal teen life. She doesn't open herself up to anybody except her best friend, Sarah.
    Is that all about to change when she meets the hot and irresistible Alex? He's out there, unlike her. He's popular, unlike her.
    She likes him, but brushes it off thinking only she feels that way. He likes her too and can't help to feel that attraction towards her. He wants to get to know her more than he should or she would allow.
    The only problem is:Will she let him in?
I hadn't read your earlier epilouge, but that was great, a perfect way to get into the story:)
i had to go take a shower after i finished reading this chapter !!!!!!!!!!!
                                    sooooo freaked out
Rape stories are a touchy subject and tricky to write, and so far you're doing a very good job of it, so props to you. (:
That was very well-written.It's sad that a girl that age had to go through something like that. I wonder what her mom means when she says she'll fix it?
Woooowwwww. That is so sad!!! Poor Maria :( No girl or boy even -especially a child- deserves to go through that.
                                    This is really good though!!! I can't wait to read the rest!
Wow, that was pretty powerfull :) I really think this is something interesting, was well written and pretty damn good tbh :P
                                    Im'a vote :D