In My Veins (bnha x oc)

In My Veins (bnha x oc)

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Hiya By opalspring21 Completed

Hirota Suzumi, additional member of class 1-A bringing their numbers to an awkward 21 because she wasn't really meant to be there but surprisingly, the class accepted her easily enough. Soon though, a terrible incident sets off a chain of events that will change Suzumi forever as well as the lives of her friends.

Her dad is back.
Time to raise hell.

Bnha and an OC
Ships that I'll try my best with but I'm sorry I'm no romance writer. If you don't like the ships, just ignore them or just don't read the book.
Also, I don't go into detail about the My Hero Academia world so it is helpful if you are at least familiar with it before reading.

(Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA or it's characters)
(The character generally known as Suzumi or Zu is mine :))

Warning ⚠️: swearing because... Bakugou, abuse, a scene with mentions of attempted rape (it's so small that my friend said not to bother with a warning but I wanted to and I'll provide an in-chapter warning for the that scene.).

Please enjoy.