The Daily Life of the Scum

The Daily Life of the Scum

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Who would listen to a scum? Clearly, if you could/would, then you're in your path to becoming a scum. If you got offended by this, then don't glare daggers at me since offending people is just one of those things a scum does. 

On the other hand, for those who came here to read this after giving up in life and decided to become a scum like me... sorry to disappoint you, but the content of this story isn't about that - a path to become a scum, either. As for those who came here just for the sake of reading to kill their time because they're bored... then, I don't have anything more to say except - enjoy reading. 
Now, to the main point... why is this story about a scum? Why can't this story be just about a scholar or a priest, instead of a scum? I only have one word to say to you - get the hell out of this novel website, since, obviously, you're complaining about this story. Thank you. (sarcastic.)

True Summary: (XDXDXD) 
Chen Sheng is a cultivator, but his cultivation is stuck in a low level. Aside from that, his personality is not good, and so people call him 'scum'. 

When an incident about a high level corpse happened and its head flew away, a big disaster is about to happen. Not only to the people, not only to the Newfound Sect, but to everybody in the world.

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