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JayChapman By JayChapman Updated Mar 09, 2016

Tormented, bullied and neglected her whole life, Jackie knew what it was like to feel pain. What she hadn't expected - at all - was to be tossed aside by the wolf The Fates had linked her to. He was supposed to be her forever, her eternity. 

That eternity turned into tears and heartache the night he threw her aside, broken and alone. 

Months later, Jackie finds herself again and accepts the responsibilities that were now her own. But, when her past stumbles across her, would she accept the same wolf that had tossed her to the side, no matter how much he begs her? Would the past matter? The present?After all... A lot can change. 

As they say, "One mans trash, is another mans treasure."

GentleSoul30 GentleSoul30 May 18, 2015
hahahahahahah!!! yea Murphys law I stumbled upon here on wattpad! lol
Mocity_Brook Mocity_Brook May 05, 2015
No! Most times you have a gut feelings it right, so follow that gut!!!
kitkatkitty69 kitkatkitty69 Feb 01, 2015
omg that's so sad but not like fake sad like actually genuinely sad
SamanthaLuna4 SamanthaLuna4 Sep 08, 2014
Awwwww  I know this is fictional but it's so sad, poor Jackie I would've bïtch slap that Haley chick, I would never understand sisters rivalry and jealousy .
SamanthaLuna4 SamanthaLuna4 Sep 08, 2014
I like your writing style and this story does sound interesting, can't wait to read the reste .
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Aug 15, 2014
I feel so sorry for jackie because her sister treats her like dirt all her life. I think had it planned to get caught with dimitri and for jackie to go looking for him but instead his friend told her wherer he was.