A Iron Heart for a Captain; A Stony fan-fiction.

A Iron Heart for a Captain; A Stony fan-fiction.

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epicnina By epicnina Updated Jul 23, 2013

Part One; Hey guys, I've never written fan fiction before, this is my first go.. I hope you like it, please rate comment and become a fan if you like it. <3

I also make a warning here.. THERE WILL BE SEX SCENES. So if you are not comfortable with that, don't read it.

Karina xx


Tony Stark was not a man to show his feelings or emotions, to anybody. Not even his best friend and personal assistant; Virginia Pepper Potts.

Except Pepper, as she preferred to go by, knew Tony too well. She knew when he was upset or angry, she just never pushed it. Except for the occasion where Tony would lock himself away in his lab and wouldn't leave for anything. This was one of those times.

Tony had been locked away in his lab for the past six days, having not showered or eaten, living off coffee and scotch, it was making Pepper worried. Pepper had tried to protest many times but nothing would wor...

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Crimson_Shadow_ Crimson_Shadow_ May 19, 2016
Lmao we all shippers here ain't nothing we haven't read before
IwriteFanficsYaBish IwriteFanficsYaBish Jan 07, 2016
OMG Yess FINALLY SEX SCENES! Im tired of fanfics for 12 year olds with the cute Tony who sweetens his heart up for Steve.
alphabetlana alphabetlana May 26, 2015
Don't you know the passcode of his lab? Go inside and slap him.
vicnic90 vicnic90 Dec 11, 2014
A sandwich would work, heck a granola bar would be better than coffee.
SkylarO SkylarO Dec 07, 2014
I just skip over it usually. The good books are everywhere, sex scenes or not. You never want to skip over the opportunity of reading a good book.
epicnina epicnina Jul 24, 2013
@PeaceCruz I updated yesterday. It takes me a while to get an update up, but I am doing it. And thank you so much.