Outcasts & Runaways - Book 1

Outcasts & Runaways - Book 1

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Jennifer Hilty By Jennifer_Hilty Updated Oct 01, 2018


A mysterious scientific organization has made astonishing breakthroughs in developing superhumans - and they will stop at nothing to further their experiments. But their plans are brought to a halt when a teenage girl known only as Mercury breaks out of their facility, taking the other six successful test subjects with her. Now Mercury is on the run with her young charges, desperate to find the home she was stolen from and freedom from her deadly powers. She is praying for a miracle. She gets one from the most unlikely of places.


Across the thin border between dimensions, a people born with amazing powers live and thrive, as unaware as the humans of Earth that they are not alone in existence. But for Barrenger, the misfit son of two warring people, that truth is about to become painfully clear.  Through a series of events partly of his own making, Barrenger finds himself trapped on Earth, in the company of a group of kids wielding powers similar to and yet strangely different from any gifts he has ever encountered. Will helping them learn to control their abilities teach Barrenger about his own? And how does the organization they are running from link back to the battles going on in Barrenger's own world?

As these eight young people work together, they will find that their worlds - and lives - may be more closely linked than any of them imagined. And that the most unwanted gifts can actually be vital to saving the world.