The Modern Princess

The Modern Princess

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"Katherine Humphrey. Twenty seven years old. Single. Straight As from St. Andrew's University Sweden where you took your Masters Degree, has a brother named Karl and the heir of an international company in the Agricultural sector. Never been claimed to be in a relationship for the past three years and never intended to manage their own company. You lived in America for two years and have been back in the Philippines last year because your grandmother had a mild heart attack." What.the.hell? How did he know all of these?

"Who the hell are you?" I snapped at him

"I'm Jeanne Eisenhower. Prince Jeanne Eisenhower of Lexumbia, third in throne and the second son"

YanieSicard YanieSicard May 24, 2016
I dont know why but this name bothers me... Like it was the name of this girl i hated when i was younger... She stole all my friends 🙁 anyways...
horlawunmi horlawunmi Dec 18, 2016
I dnt think there's a story of yours that am nt in live with
viv-ienne viv-ienne Apr 13, 2016
I really like the start of this story!! I love the author's writing skills!!♥
shadowpuzzle shadowpuzzle Sep 17, 2015
Grabeh curiosity kills me...Anong mangyayari hehehe... I really get excite to reading all chapters ...
Rjel23 Rjel23 Nov 05, 2014
What year in this story? If it's present time! It's 21th century!
ritzmylove ritzmylove Oct 08, 2014
A great start of your story their and a great writer too.:-)