Raped by Uncie

Raped by Uncie

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grey_butterfly By grey_butterfly Updated Apr 25, 2016

WARNING. Uncle rape is a book made for mature audiences. Choose to read at own risk. 

It will involve rape, incest, depression, alcohol use and other things of that nature. 

It is about my own life experiences with a few tweaks to help me handle the writing of this.

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Azura0979 Azura0979 May 28, 2017
Such a strong heart. Don't let anybody pierce that rock boulder, we're here for you, strong girl.
MissKhalifa123 MissKhalifa123 Jul 14, 2016
You are very brave for writing this. You know not many can do what you are doing
LoveYourselfAlways00 LoveYourselfAlways00 Jan 10, 2016
You couldn't have known, every kid would have stayed home with a trusted adult. It was not your fault.
christyann2946 christyann2946 Jan 06, 2016
You aren't an idiot. You were only a child. He was your uncle, someone who you trusted and he was supposed to protect you. It isn't your fault and please don't think it is. It's all his fault.
Noir_Knight Noir_Knight Dec 07, 2015
You weren't an idiot, you were just a 9 years old. How were you supposed to know?