Under Her Wing: The Devil Incarnated (Lesbian Story) Sequel

Under Her Wing: The Devil Incarnated (Lesbian Story) Sequel

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Please read the first book before reading this!!

Alex's worst nightmare finally came true the moment she opened her eyes. Her dear beloved Guardian Angel who she thought loved her like a daughter was nothing more than a sadistic twisted pervert woman hungry for lust. 
For years Lea have watched Alex like a predator, for years she dreamt of her body chained to the bed and for years she planned to have her. Now she had her in her hands. 
Captivated from the hint of light, chained, tortured, forced to do revolting and excruciating things against her will. 
Alex must now fight once again for her freedom, and she would do anything to get away from that woman, even if it meant losing her life. 
But Alex still loved her... 

Adult Content Warning:  18+ only, Lesbian, sexually explicit, excessive abuse.
Warning: If you are uncomfortable reading the story, please don't read it.
Parental advisory is advised 

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