Soccer Love (The Epilogue) [Completed]

Soccer Love (The Epilogue) [Completed]

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Hey guys, this is the second and final oneshot book of the Soccer Love series. However, I won't take in requests that much, and this book is for me to update of my own free will.

This book has been completed, and will undergo editing in the near future. If you do want to repost my oneshots in another language, please remember to credit me appropriately.

Aside from that, there are three things you need to know about this book:

•I update extremely slowly, so if you're a reader that expects fast updates, I suggest that you do not read this book.

•I do occasionally accept requests. Anybody who suggests for me on which character to write next or requests for a oneshot will be muted/ignored.

•Please do not be/refrain from rude to other readers, I do not wish to have arguments raging down in the comments section.

Without further ado, I thank you for understanding and hope that you enjoy the book!

Credits to: @-canaeris for making the cover of this book. 
Thank you so much for accepting my cover request.

Previous cover credits go to: @-haanako.

Started: 15th August 2018
Completed: 29th May 2019
Edited: 27th August 2019

Under no circumstances is plagiarism of the storylines in this book allowed.

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