Being Seen ||

Being Seen ||

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Jadelinn By JadedRein Updated Apr 25, 2011

When Valerie convinced Nate to change schools with her she hadn’t known what affect it would have. Nate had always been her bestfriend but now, at their new school, everyone wants him. The girls want to be with him and the guys want to be him. 

She’s never seen him as anything but a friend. He’s always just been Nate. A boy who loves everything that’s out of style and only one thing that was in style; her. But once he steps into the halls of Lasin Point Academy he’s no longer Nate. He’s become Nathan. It’s more than just his change of looks over summer that’s gained him this new attention. It’s the new attitude that came with his new name.

At first Valerie sees this as a good thing. Finally they’ll be able to have things in common. She won’t have to be embarrassed by all of the little things he likes that no one under the age of forty likes. Not to mention his new attitude towards her. Little puppy dog Nate was left behind in his summer in France and as Nathan he has no restraints on his bold new attitude and advances. 

But the more she learns about this new “Nathan” character he’s become the more she begins to miss Nate. The more she realizes that just because now she can see him with new eyes doesn’t mean that she hasn’t always seen him that way, she just never realized it.

Sometimes in order to be seen you have to change. Sometimes changing really isn’t for the best.

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renee_nayxx renee_nayxx Feb 25, 2013
Please please please come back to this story.please please please please please please please. It's amazing. Pleeease
LittleZiggy LittleZiggy Aug 02, 2011
LOL this reminds me soo much of me with my best mates but i dont think im that much of a bitch although they do call me satan :P anyways love the story xxxx
brubiv brubiv Jul 22, 2011
this story reminds me of this lil hottie was a geek how he gpes away for the summer and comes back changed and stuff and how she wuld order him around but keep writing the story I LOVE it!!!!
Lulu_97 Lulu_97 Mar 31, 2011
Luv dis book already. please hurry up. I'm beging you too. Lol 
electro-summer123 electro-summer123 Mar 14, 2011
i really dont like her and i especially dont like the way she treats him
                              but i like the story so far :)
ashantefaith ashantefaith Mar 06, 2011
well isn't this cute! Nate is such a nice guy, i just wish she would see it. But my psychic senses are telling me thats she'll come around ;)
                              upload soon!