The Billionaire's Mistake |ON HOLD|

The Billionaire's Mistake |ON HOLD|

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Gossip Queen By Chocolate_Bubblegum Updated Apr 19

"I DON'T LOVE YOU! GET IT?" he yelled, smashing the glass of juice down on the floor. The juice I had made with so much love and affection, all he did was to break it. I froze, unable to breathe as my eyes grew misty. "But-" I choked, staring at his balled fists. He was so calm before I turned up, I knew I messed up again. "But my ass" he yelled taking huge steps and coming closer to me. I backed away until I was pinned to the wall with him only inches away from. I felt his hot breath on my neck as his fingers trailed down my chin and roughly forced me to look into his silver eyes. He leaned in until our nose touched. "You are ugly. I don't know why I even agreed to this forced arrangement with a bitch like you" he spoke softly, anger evident in his voice. Tears streamed down my face as I heard those words from my husband. His hand ran over my cheek, wiping my tears away. "But I am your wife" I cried, staring right into his eyes. Fire glared in his eyes as his jaws tightened. He gripped my chin powerfully and I had to close my eyes to bear the pain. He moved his face to my ear, breathing on my neck. "No you are not" he whispered, his lips touching my ears "you are my mistake."
Jackson Grey's life was perfect. He had everything. Power, money, perfect family and a beautiful girlfriend. But that all suddenly changes when his mother happened to set up an arranged marriage between a world-wide famous author, Adelia Jones and sets up an arranged marriage between Adelia and Jackson. Having just broken up with his girlfriend, the billionaire unwillingly agreed to his mother's wish. But as Jackson found out that his wife was nothing more than an ugly nerd, he decided to keep her a secret and not tell anyone, not even himself that she was his wife. He wanted to break her and make her life a living hell. She was his biggest mistake. 

But will Jackson actually succeed in ruining Adelia's life or will he find himself falling for the opposite?

Cover done by @AuthorClarke

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