My Half

My Half

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Whiskeyqueenn By Whiskeyqueenn Updated Oct 26

This is Odin's half of the story. 

Born a God to rule over Kings. 

Beloved future Alpha of the Far North, Odin's entire world shifts on its axis the day he meets his mate and walks away without her blood on his hands. Odin has always walked the good path, the true path. A follower of the Old Ways and a believer in the words of his Moon's rules.

Kill all female Alphas. 

His God, vs His Half.

With the cardinal law of the Moon broken, Odin now has to walk his blood-red path forward, where tooth and claw rule. Beliefs are challenged, families are divided and sides are chosen. 

There can only be One, and Odin will be the pathmaker his Half needs until she can walk the blood-red path with her shoulders back, head high, and a smile with teeth. 

Odin must balance between his Pack's wants and the will of his Wild. 

The gnaw, the scratch, the need consumes him throughout his journey forward on becoming a God-eater. 

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