His Secret Baby

His Secret Baby

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"I was pregnant, Chris." 

Chris's system shut down the instant the words were out of the maid's mouth. "What do you mean you were pregnant?" he cleared his dried throat, his hands' fists against his sides. "What the f*cking hell do you mean you were pregnant?" 

Emma flinched a slight at his angry state, she knows she had to get it out for him to know he has a son. If she detains it much longer, no doubt he would find out there's a son between sooner or later. So it's best getting it off her chest now."I have a-oof" 

Without warning, he lunged for her, and not so gently pulled her against the wall behind them. His arms caging her from retreating. Emma whimpered at the pain she felt on her back and head, he had pushed her way too hard. "Now.." he drawled to her face, his eyes spitting fire. "Start explaining yourself. You were pregnant? When?" 

"It's over a year now, and Blue is six months old." 



Read and find out about the billionaire Christopher and his mother's maid secret Child!

Will he let the world knows about his secret baby eventually or will he keep his baby a secret forever?