Werewolf Love Dramas(Rated R) COMPLETE

Werewolf Love Dramas(Rated R) COMPLETE

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Blue_Flame24 By Blue_Flame24 Updated Sep 14, 2015

David and Dominic Summers are brothers. Dominic being the superstar jock and David the outcasted nerd. Both need to find their mate and Dominic believes it is The Courtney White. Smart, beautiful cheerleader. However Courtney White is David's mate and Dominic is mated to a small nerdy boy named Jesse.

Jesse Blaine is in love with Dominic Summers mostly because they are mates. However Dominic wants nothing to do with him especially with the idea of being gay. Hopefully the red moon will win over Jesse's mate.

Parker Huston was in love with Hilary Hues. Back up captain to Courtney White for cheerleading and daughter to rich parents who don't want their daughter mated to the same sex. Waiting for the Red moon Parker realizes that Hilary Hues isn't what she wanted, she wanted a cold blooded vampire...

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jackinsally jackinsally Aug 11, 2015
omg I would have totally said the same to my best friend hahaha
Aaliyah365365 Aaliyah365365 Mar 16, 2015
omg I'm a former cheerleader and ik way u mean u bend over to pick up a pencil and u hear whistling .....guy whistling ....I hate my uniform!
PhyscoLovcx PhyscoLovcx Mar 10, 2015
Lmaooooooo!!! Imma try that when boys come up to me. That was halarious
No1Luckydog No1Luckydog May 08, 2014
what's wrong with straight people? That's what MOST of us are!!
bnguyen4500 bnguyen4500 Jan 11, 2013
Can you tell me some of the r rated series you read please o and great stories
Blue_Flame24 Blue_Flame24 Dec 03, 2012
Wow I need to edit these before I put them on...I'm sorry guys.If you get confused don't get angry! :D