Superhero Chaos ✔️

Superhero Chaos ✔️

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"Every time I knock you out, you drool," Phantom points at my black shirt sleeve with a gloved finger. I groan in frustration, there's a puddle of drool on it! Talk about embar-ras-sing...

"Then here's an easy solution: Don't knock me out," I say snidely as an attempt to keep my nonexistent pride.

"What makes you think I'll stop? Maybe I like knocking you out, and draping your body over my shoulder? Ever thought of that?" he raises an eyebrow, but a curious look passes over his face, lighting his eyes so that they resemble emeralds.
Full of comical wit, and crazy smart, Kelsey Jerrs is the superhero called Chaos. Chaos's arch nemesis is Phantom- the Villain Magazine's #1 of Hottest Villains, and the only person who can take Kelsey's snarky remarks and throw them right back at her. 

When Phantom tells Chaos that her best friend and co-superhero is in major trouble, Kelsey jumps to help. But in order to fight the major villains, one has to be a major hero, and Chaos is not. She'll need Phantom's help and her brain to both keep Phantom from finding out her true identity, and to keep her and her best friend alive.

Sometimes, evil doesn't always lose.

#16 in Action 1/10/18

(This is the first draft)

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Darkishlyric5 Darkishlyric5 Jul 24, 2017
Re-reading it for the sixth time. The amount of views though. 😢 my little baby book is all grown up.
                              I'm so proud of you booky! :D
Taylor_9703 Taylor_9703 Jun 29
Please tell me why I almost just went and googled how many superhero’s were in the world to see if her rank was good
Serendipityispink Serendipityispink Apr 10, 2017
Uhhh is so good for the part, I don't know why she isn't cast often
I’m pretty sure me not doing my homework is the main reason why I had bad grades this year. The teachers were ruthless asf
ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Jan 11, 2017
I can tell that you really care because you actually took time to let us k ow about your feelings. And I'm definitely giving this a chance. I love supers, Wattpad supers to be specific! 😋
MaggieRose0 MaggieRose0 May 04, 2014
I'm glad you're writing what YOU want instead of what WE want- it's the mark of a true author :)