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Embryonic By childembryo Updated Jan 24

Alisa thought she was dead, she was supposed to be dead; her friends watched as Parrish carried her dead body and placed it on the Nemeton. So why is she still breathing, standing in front of them with no visible marks to prove she had died?

Alisa is looking for answers harder than ever and the last thing she wants to do is lose Jordan in the process of trying to understand what she truly is. She thought she was a Harpy, so why was she reborn from the ashes of bright blue flames that engulfed her lifeless body?

Time is ticking and her Mother is catching on that her daughter might not be as human as she originally thought. With the help of Scott and his pack, Alisa needs to fill in all the blanks before its too late. 

From the ashes, she will be reborn and the world will be cleansed with fire.

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