Halaal Love

Halaal Love

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Everyone is given a choice in love. To take it seriously or not. To make it Halal, or Haram. 

Habibah, a twenty two years old Muslimah is being pressured by her mother to take her life into a completely new stage, that is marriage. Her mother pressures her to the extent that Habibah is almost engaged to her own childhood friend, to which, of course, she rebuke. Hence, her mother makes a deal with her that she shall find a husband before her twenty third birthday next month. Who could that man be? Will they ever get married? 


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Someone should've given me an invite if there's so much food
nathyls nathyls Jan 08
I agree. These big weddings are too extravagant, we should be following the Sunnah.
strivinghijabi strivinghijabi Jun 08, 2016
No no dear I greeted you by saying Assalam u alaikum. I meant to ask what does Hal anti bikhair mean.
--Muslimah-- --Muslimah-- Dec 29, 2015
1st time i read a english muslim story and i'm totally fond of it !!
SOAO99 SOAO99 Aug 20, 2015
Totally me....I get paranoid and the Shaitan puts bad thoughts in my head and I get self-conscious.
Iam7ajara Iam7ajara Jul 21, 2015
Okay so 22 yrs in this chapter and 23 yrs in the other chapter buh I s'ppose 8 must be a mistake