Hurricane- Fem Percy/ Avengers

Hurricane- Fem Percy/ Avengers

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emily__john By emily__john Updated Aug 01

Everything is fine- 

The Giant War is over.

Loki has been forgiven, and the Asgardians have found a new home- similar to Olympus, balancing above New York.

But when the Norse and the Greek require a peace treaty, Percy is forced into an arranged marriage- to the prince, Thor.

New threats start to rise, and old secrets come to light, forcing Percy to fight- alongside the stupidest, most infuriating, hotheaded people on Earth.

The Avengers.

Disclaimer- I do not own Marvel or Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson. Most to basically all of the characters is this book do not belong to me.


Percy is 19. Thor has his axe. Infinity war hasn't happened yet. After Ragnarok, but Odin is alive.