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I am loyalty (Thorin / OC )

I am loyalty (Thorin / OC )

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Anna_Donovan By Anna_Donovan Updated Aug 11, 2014

I am loyalty. I am fire made flesh. I am yours.  Pain.Fear.Sadness.Guilt. This is all she feels. After decades of torment , Adrianna (one of the last shifters in Middle-earth) starts to go crazy. She slaughters any Orc she finds , but never mind how much blood she spills ,  it's never enough. An old friend comes to Adrianna and asks something of her. Gandalf asks her to join him on a quest. Him and ...13 dwarves and ...a hobbit. What could go wrong?     Reviews **********  "It is a very good book and the history behind Adrianna is beautifully written. Every chapter has new things or twists that make it unique but not too far from the movie/book. I love this book and it is one of my favourites " ~Daughter_of_Durin  "This book is amazing, and I think they should edit the movie to this!!" ~ Dacolbster

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RisOfTheOpera RisOfTheOpera Aug 22, 2017
Hey I am in the description ;)
                              My username was Daughter_of_Durin until I changed it many many times. Want to re-read this book now since it has been ages and this was one of my favorites!!!
didemyolo didemyolo Dec 26, 2016
I..... luv it.................... i hope Azog will be in intense pain by this fox......
LuvettaGaze LuvettaGaze Dec 23, 2014
I'm just sort of huddled up in my chair crying.. I could fill a pool with my tears.. DX bah. What have you done to me!
BloomingRose520 BloomingRose520 Dec 12, 2014
You managed to make me hate Azog even more. That's how good your book was :) Keep it up!