The Other Lightwood. (Jace Herondale.)

The Other Lightwood. (Jace Herondale.)

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Music is my distraction By izzy1d2001 Updated Oct 17, 2020

Rosalie Sage Lightwood. 

   Older twin sister to Isabelle, and younger sister to Alexander. 
   When she was 7, she got separated from her family. She's been living with Jocelyn Fairchild and Clary Fray ever since. She took their last name (Fray)

   She remembered she had an older brother and younger sister, by the last name of Lightwood.
 Rosalie knew of the shadow world because Jocelyn told her more about it. Clary, didn't, because Jocelyn wanted to protect her. 

   It was until their eighteenth birthday that things really changed.

    What happens when she bumps into Jace and follows them into a mission? What happens when they learn that the Rosalie is the sibling that went missing? And what happens when Clary's mom gets kidnapped and she helps them try to find her, because of Clary? 

Read this story to find out.