With all the Forces (Watty Awards 2012)

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mimi :D By KIDmimi Updated 3 years ago
“Ma’am we don’t have all day,” he sighed, scratching his head in frustration.
    I smirked, leaned back and turned my attention back to him. “You really want to know?”
    He nodded once. “That’s why we’re here, Ma’am.”
    Snarky bastard.
    Mel fell for a a boy. One who broke her heart just to come back into it. After all she's been through, will she let him back so easily even if it means jeopardizing not only her career but also her marriage.
    It's a story of betrayal, heart break, love and passion, with a little bit of murder thrown into the mix.
Haha, "If you were turning this into How I Met Your Mother." That made me laugh. Anyways, this seems like a good story. I love how the main character is telling her background to this mysterious and funny guy! Good work.
                                    -Cade x3
I didn't see any problems at all, or maybe I missed them. But i like the story so far. Nice work :)