Cupid's Cove.

Cupid's Cove.

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Allie Doherty. By AutumnWinters221 Updated May 02

Anyone who visits Arrowhead's Cove and takes a dip in its magic spring will find their one, true-love, within the day.

That's the legend, and everyone in town knows it's true. 
Everyone except Erikah Daniels.

In all of her life spent as a resident of Arrowhead, Erikah has heard the legend of the 'cupid cove' at least a hundred-and-fifty times, but she's never once believed it. If you were to ask her,  she'd tell you it's all fairy-tales, myths, and the desperation of singletons that kept the legend going. 

So what happens when she decides to spend her day at the cove and meets a handsome new boy with a voice that makes her melt? 
'Even if Cupid was real... a cove in the middle of Arrowhead with a magical spring of water that somehow makes you primed for love? That isn't how cupid would work...  is it?'

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