Rise of the Bermanian Queen - Tales of Gorania #2

Rise of the Bermanian Queen - Tales of Gorania #2

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Karim Soliman By KarimSuliman Updated Apr 12

[Sequel to FEATURED story: The Warrior's Path]
[Added by Wattpad to their reading list "Popular in Fantasy"]

No one thought of the gorgeous Rona as a threat, but she proved them all wrong. Now she wages war against King Wilander to avenge her assassinated father and claim her right as the true heiress of the Bermanian throne.

On the other hand, Masolon, who is seeking peace in his exile, is unwillingly stuck in the middle of the war between Rona and Wilander. Soon, he has to decide whether Rona is a foe he should defeat, or an ally he should fight alongside...or even more than just an ally.

The epic medieval fantasy continues with Masolon's new ride. A ride with more action, more romance and more anguish.

Book 1 "The Warrior's Path" is added by Wattpad to 2 of their sponsored reading lists: "Historical Romance" and "Time and Eternity". You can check it out from my works.

Cover designed by the amazing Stefanie Saw @seventhstar

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Yevrahhh Yevrahhh Apr 02
I usually find it hard to have a book I truly lose myself in but I absolutely loved this! Great read, had my full attention from beginning to end!!!
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
I found myself living the story in my mind's eye. The pacing was on point. Have my vote, you deserve it!
Luutje24 Luutje24 Aug 31, 2015
just started reading this. love it so far. could you might give my work a try. Its called The Duchess. Lookinh forward of reading more.
CatDavis CatDavis Aug 26, 2015
Finally,  have to say, you know how to capture your audience's attention.  Great reading,  looking forward to reading more of Queen Rona of Bermania.
divinesparkle divinesparkle Aug 16, 2015
wow.... what a deliteful story... totally captured my attention... that what! wow
idkyyyyyyy idkyyyyyyy Aug 09, 2015
I love this book!!! It is one of my favorites along with Evolution If The Queen!!! Great books you should go check it out!!! Keep reading sure won't be disappointed...